Online Exam for Easy Recruitment

Online Exam for Easy Recruitment is a Cloud Service that let HR Administrator Manage the online test for recruitment. This will have below benefits for the company…

  • Save time and money by evaluating candidates with online testing.
  • No need for printing out the test.
  • No need to call the candidates to company office for testing.
  • Can send the test to candidates and view results online.
  • Make multiple test for different level of candidates.
  • Make different test for each company departments.
  • Exam Schedule Management for certain Recruitment Periods.

What you will get.

Unlimited Users
Unlimited Questions
Unlimited Exams
Please contact us for details.

How to proceed

  1. Contact us
  2. We will setup the examination platform
  3. We will send you the initial account information.

You will need to…

  1. Create ‘Categories’ and ‘Levels’
  2. Insert Questions for testing
  3. Create Exams
  4. Send email to your candidates for online testing!

If you would like us to make the test, please contact us for details.