Upload Local Repository to Remote Nginx Git Server with Simple HTTP

This is a little memo about uploading local repository codes to remote git server. First of all you will need to install git on both local PC and remote nginx server. Here will just assume you already have git installed and have local repository with source code already working on. Now let’s initialize the remote[…]

Running React Native App on Android from Windows or Linux

I was at Hack Night Session and trying to run React Native Hello World App on my friend’s Android Device. Installation of React Native modules are simple. First you will need to install Nodejs and Python2 on your PC as said in React Native documents. So after running below command you will have React Native[…]

Casperjs for crawling and scraping Thailand Yellow Page

I was looking for website that list all the company contacts in Thailand for email marketing. My friend introduced me to Thai Yellow Page Website for this. After I have searched for some companies in certain category, it showed many company list with duplicated results… http://www.yellowpages.co.th/en/ypsearch?q=Hospitals&w=Bangkok So my thinking was, how can I get all this[…]