Website & Application Maintenance

Many company have their own website or web service but only few of them have managed it for full use. Are you facing the same problems as below?

  1. Have own website but nobody updated for over years.
  2. Do not have enough budget for website renewal, but would like to extend the functionality for better usage.
  3. The progress of a project is not what have been expected.
  4. Considering to utilize web technology for marketing, but do not have person who can give suggestions.
  5. Hiring programmer requires cost and time.

Feature of Our Service

Our experienced engineer will be at your service. To achieve customer’s objective, we will be part of strategic planning and develop application that considers operation efficiency. Our flexible production with rich content creation will meet the great usability experience for customers.

Work Flow

  1. Objective Interview
  2. Scope of Work Agreement
  3. Quotation
  4. Project Start
  5. Internal Testing
  6. Customer Test
  7. Delivery