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We bring future with web technology in Thailand.
Application Development

Need application that suites your business needs? We select most suitable platform for any IT needs and customize for best usability experience.

Website Maintenance

Our flexible production with rich content creation will meet the great usability experience for customers.

Cloud Server Management

There are many Cloud Hosting Service, but how do you manage the Cloud Server when you do not have engineer? We will manage the Cloud Server for you so you can focus on your business.

Open Source Development

Develop our original platforms to challenge our-selves, learn new systems and be creative using modern technologies.

Online Examination Service for Easy Recruitment


About Us

It is all about learning and technology.
Research Study Develop

Cyber Works Co.,Ltd. is the company that helps IT needs using modern open source platform to drive your business. We strongly believe in open source and sharing is the important factors that made out IT world today. 70% learning and 30% working is the aim capacity for all staff, which means what people spend 100% for regular work should be done within 30% of capacity. And use the rest of 70% to learn about new technologies in order for us to introduce new solutions to our customers. Please feel free to contact us for any IT needs!

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