Price List

Service Item Price (Thai Bahts)
Web Server Apache 3,000
Nginx 3,000
DataBase MySQL 3,000
MongoDB 4,000
Program Language PHP 3,000
Nodejs 4,000
Others Domain 3,000
Sub Domain 2,000
FTP 3,000
FTP add account 2,000
SSL 5,000
Email Postfix, MySQL, Dovecot 30,000~
Web Application Installation 6,000~

Cloud Server Hosting Agent Fee

Service Price (Thai Baht)
Cloud Server Registration 1,500
Payment Support / 1 server month 500
Email Help Desk Support / month Depends on Server Rental Cost
Investigation & Setup Change Support 1,500~
Backup Service Depends on IAAS Provider

Remarks: Please be noted that software license fee, onsite service fee, and tax are not included.